This is your first velociraptor.  

You may have questions.

How do I reserve Velma?

Check the web site.  If Velma seems like a good fit for your event, email us at, or call us at 1-888-Raptor4, and see if she’s available for the date and time you want.  During the school year, she may only be available on evenings, weekends and some holidays.  In the summer, she's available pretty much all the time!


How much does she cost to rent?

Minimum $250.  She is $200/hr, and $50/hr for transport.  50% deposit required, with the balance to be paid 24 hours prior to the actual event.


How do we pay?

E-transfer is best for us.  Otherwise we take cash or Visa.


Where can she go?

Right now, Velma is limited to southern Vancouver Island.  She may spend some time in Vancouver during the summer.  If someone is willing to pay for transportation, of course, she'll go anywhere.


What kind of events would be good for a velociraptor?

Good question!  Any event where a large, extinct, carnivorous reptile would add to the festivities.  Corporate events are perfect.  How about a boring meeting?  Or a party where people don’t know each other, and conversation is awkward? A conference?  School events?  Science class on dinosaurs?  Meet someone at the museum?  Weddings?  Grad parties?  We would never suggest a group of guys renting Velma to sneak up on a bunch of female friends. Or vice versa.

So far we've done parades, weddings, birthdays, an engagement/proposal (she said Yes!), a radio interview, an opera, gone to a movie, attended a medical conference, done a real estate ad, and modelled for Douglas Magazine.  And lots more coming!  Watch for us at the Oak Bay Hallowe'en Party!


OK - we’ll invite her to our next party or a conference!  What will she do?

First, she'll make an entrance.  Unless you’ve been blabbing about her, most people do not expect a 14 foot dinosaur to pop up at an event.  It will get everyone’s attention, the place will perk up, and you’ll get laughter and excitement.  After that, she can wander around.  People will want to touch her and ask questions.  Most people that we know would like to get their photo with a velociraptor, because, unless you have an unusual lifestyle, it’s not an everyday event.  You can bet that they’ll talk about it - and you- for a while!


How much time do we need with Velma?

In truth, most people only need Velma for about an hour.  After she’s made her entrance and met everyone, even a 65 million year old dinosaur can get old.


Can I wear her?

Sorry, but no.  Velma requires an experienced pilot.  Training takes 4-6 weeks, and rental includes the pilot.  Besides, you’d much rather be out enjoying the party, and watching people’s faces when Velma shows up, wouldn’t you?


Was a velociraptor really that big?

Actually, no.  Velociraptor mongoliensis, although a fierce predator, was roughly the size of a turkey.  Velma is a movie velociraptor.  She is more the size of her relative Deinonychus, another dromaeosaurid, who was actually the basis for the Jurassic Park character.  The producers just liked the name Velociraptor better. (Not kidding)


Does Raptor4Rent have any other dinosaurs?

Not yet.  Stay tuned!


Can I ride Velma?

No.  Just…no.


Does she make any sounds?

Yes.  She has several vocalizations, based on popular movies.  No one knows what actual velociraptors sounded like.  They may have made bird-like squawks.


I want a Velma!  How much does she cost?

About $10,000.


Can I rent her for a kids party?

You can, but be aware that she can be a bit scary for some kids.  We would suggest that she is best for parties where people are over 5-10.  She is really meant for adult events.  That is “adult” as in over 10, not as in, um, people with no clothes on.  That said, kids love her, and we would consider rentals on a case by case basis.  If your child and their friends are really into dinosaurs, it's hard to imagine a better birthday!


We’re having a large party where a bunch of drunk people will try to capture Velma.  Is that a good idea?

That’s a really, really bad idea.  Please don’t invite us.


Can I date Velma?

If you did, it would be memorable, but  probably wouldn't end well.