Velma getting ready for the Victoria Day Parade!
Velma getting ready for the Victoria Day Parade!
And who wouldn't love a velociraptor?
And who wouldn't love a velociraptor?

Velma's Story

Velma is our velociraptor.  She is biomechanical - part machine and part human.  She is human powered, with a pilot inside her to make her head and neck move, mouth open and close, and make a surprising variety of sounds.  The pilot's legs are obvious underneath her, but that isn't what people look at - they look at her head, the size of her body, and that amazing tail that undulates behind her.  While she could just be the best Hallowe'en costume ever, we'd like her to be more than that.  The reactions from people meeting her are fascinating.  Most people would run in fear at the sight of a 14 foot carnivore, but not with Velma.  It's an interesting study in human nature - kids and women love her.  They hug her, pat her, and treat her like a large, friendly, (extremely dangerous and extinct) dog.  Men - for some reason - tend to be more cautious, but they come around too.  Everyone, it seems, loves a velociraptor!

Our Story

Ben and Josh are the two best Raptor Pilots in the business.  Raised on dinosaurs, they have experience with CRISPR and have done their own genetic splicing.  After their parents were tragically eaten by one of their successful gene sequencing experiments, they were adopted by Professor Lance Chalfont and his long suffering wife, Mrs Chalfont.  Together, it is their mission to bring velociraptors, and happiness, to the masses.  And no one does that better than Velma.

Why not be a part of that?  Imagine Velma showing up at your next corporate event, business, or party.  In terms of memorable moments, it's pretty hard to beat 14 feet of velociraptor!

Meet the Team

These are the people who make Velma work.


Raptor Pilot

Josh, Ben's twin brother, is a master at gene splicing.  Several of his discoveries led to Velma.  Unfortunately, he was also largely responsible for developing Fred, the T-Rex who ate their parents.  Josh is also chief Raptor Pilot.


Raptor Pilot

Ben, Josh's twin brother, is a specialist in large carnivores.  Fearless, and maybe sometimes foolishly so, he can wrangle pretty much any animal.  Except, as it turned out, Fred.  Ben is also the media manager for Velma and Raptor4Rent.

Mrs. Chalfont and Professor Lance Chalfont

Nurse and palaeontologist

Mrs. Chalfont looks after "her boys" when they get dino bites or other injuries.  Professor Chalfont, as Head Palaeontologist, is in charge of, well, nothing really.

Are you ready?

If you've read this far, you know what you have to do.  You need Velma at your next function!  Send us an email or give us a call!